Animals In The Celtic Zodiac And What The Signs Say About People

There are 13 animals in the area of ancient mythology. Here is a list of those animals. We have also included traits associated with them.

1. Stag (Dec. 24 – Jan. 20)- Stags are known for having high ideals. They are also know for being very thorough and patient. Stags are persistent and they are not easily deterred from their dreams and goals.

2. Cat (Jan. 21 – Fab. 17)- Those who fall under the Celtic cat sign are quick minded and they have a quick wit. This sign is known for its reasoning abilities. Not only that, but they can always see the underside of things.

3. Snake (Feb. 18 – March 17)- This sign is known for being lively and curious. People under this sign love asking questions in regards to how those around them work. They are also interested in how the world works.

4. Fox (March 18 – April 14)- People under the fox sign have a great sense of humor. They can sometimes be sly and they are amazing storytellers. They also have their friends backs, always.

5. Bull (April 15 – May 12)- Bulls have a loving nature. However, they are also known for being very stubborn. Bulls are also very stable and have excellent intuition.

6. Seahorse (May 13 – June 9)- People who were born under the Seahorse Celtic sign are resourceful. They are very flexible and they are incredibly intelligent. Their memory retention skills are also impressive.

7. Wren (June 10 – July 7)- Those born under the Wren tend to want balance in their life. They are open to fresh insights. Another distinguished trait they have is their high integrity of morality.

8. Horse (July 8 – Aug. 4)- The Celtic horse sign is known for being powerful and expensive. They are highly competitive and they tend to have a lot of talent. They have an incredible amount of confidence too.

9. Fish (Aug 5 – Sept. 1)- Fish signs are dreamers and they have a unique take on the world. This is why they tend to be great artists and visionaries. They are extremely deep thinkers and they have a lot of depth to them.

10. Swan (Sept. 2 – Sept. 29)- Swans are in a totally different class than other signs. They have evolved spiritually and they have a very good eye for beauty. They are noble and they have a lot of passion.

11. Butterfly (Sept. 30 – Oct. 27)- Just like the real animal, the butterfly sign is associated with being social. They have gentle souls and love to keep in touch with their loved ones. Not only that, but they are known for their friendly personalities.

12. Wolf (Oct. 28 – Nov. 24)- Wolves will go to great lengths if they have a point to make. They are fearless and they do not back down. Wolves are also known for their strong willpower.

13. Falcon (Nov. 25 – Dec. 23)- Finally, we have the falcon. People under this sign have a lot of focus. When they want something, they will work hard to get it. However, if they lose interest in a project, they have no problems moving onto the next project.

Now you know more about the animals in the Celtic zodiac. You also know more about people’s personalities who were born under those signs. We hop you enjoyed this list of animals in the Celtic zodiac.