What It’s Like To Study English At York

The broad exposure to several durations of literature makes you find interests in subjects you never ever engaged with before. For me, post-colonialism was my newfound love.

Flexibility, versatility, versatility!

Something I didn't expect was just how much versatility the English department offers us. Studying English at York is awesome because the course offers you a great deal of independence to direct your research studies. The English course has fairly few contact hours (a.k.a. time invested in lectures and seminars) as compared to other topics. This indicates that a lot of time spent at university is devoted to independent studying and taking the initiative to find tutors in their workplace hours to engage them in conversations about a text/idea that you're actually passionate about.

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Naplan Testing Does More Harm Than Good

The suite of tests that comprise NAPLAN, administered in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, are planned to measure three things: first, how private students are performing; 2nd, the extent to which nationwide literacy and numeracy criteria are being accomplished at each school; and third, how well curricula are working in Australian schools.

7 years of NAPLAN testing have actually produced combined outcomes.

Our team hung out in five school communities (in Victoria and New South Wales) where we spoke with trainees, moms and dads, teachers and school principals. The report is possibly the most substantial to date as it is the very first to study the effect on students.

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