Animals In The Celtic Zodiac And What The Signs Say About People

There are 13 animals in the area of ancient mythology. Here is a list of those animals. We have also included traits associated with them.

1. Stag (Dec. 24 - Jan. 20)- Stags are known for having high ideals. They are also know for being very thorough and patient. Stags are persistent and they are not easily deterred from their dreams and goals.

2. Cat (Jan. 21 - Fab. 17)- Those who fall under the Celtic cat sign are quick minded and they have a quick wit. This sign is known for its reasoning abilities. Not only that, but they can always see the underside of things.

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Aquarius 2017 Horoscope Predictions

Astronomical star sign studies show you are going to get into better shape, and by running more, and lifting weights, you are going to start to feel better about yourselfThis is not to say you are going to push yourself so hard that you will sustain injuries, but it does mean that you are going to start eating in a much more healthy wayVegetarian meals might be on your plate, and you may stay away from significant amounts of caffeine and sugar which may actually be causing you health problems.

What you will need to look for are specific signs that shows that these plans are coming together.

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