Chinese Zodiac 2017 – The Year Of The Rooster

The Year of the Rooster is coming upon us. This is a year on the Chinese calendar, the one that focuses on their zodiac signs. This year represents not just the symbol of the rooster, but all of the personality traits associated with this particular symbol. When you check your horoscope, much of the information that you will read is based on these traits, along with assessments that are made by the person that is creating horoscope. This will allow you to get an idea of what to expect when you start to learn more about this sign. If you were born in the Year of the Rooster, here is what you can expect.

Things To Focus On

On a very basic level, people that are born under this Chinese zodiac sign are very motivated and determined. They are not the type of people to fail at anything because they are so confident and self-assured. It is this self-confidence that they possess which can sometimes make them presumably self-centered when they really are not. They can also seem rude and arrogant by the words that they choose because they are not known for speaking in a way that conveys a lot of empathy. It is not that they are trying to be rude. It just comes out that way because of how they process information in their minds. It is part of their personality, but there are some very good aspects to those born under the sign of the Rooster. Let’s look at these top personality traits.

Top Two Personality Traits

The first personality trait that is pivotal to either the success or failure of someone born under the sign is the ability to be direct. If they are in a profession where they are in charge, this could work out very well, because that type of personality trait is to be expected. However, when a person is direct and speaks their mind, and they are only the employee, this can cause them to lose jobs, or not advanced very far in a company at all because of this personality trait. Therefore, their greatest strength becomes their greatest weakness depending upon the profession they are in. That is why many of these people take jobs where they may be announcers on radio or television or people in charge of facilities where what they say must be listened to and obeyed without question. The other personality trait that is very indicative of those born in the Year of the Rooster is honesty. Again, this can be both good and bad depending on the situation. It can be very bad when they are telling people what they think about them, with no regard to how it may make the other person feel. It may also lead to consequences that could be negative such as losing their job. However, honesty is also very helpful and this is why some of them may become counsellors or psychologists that are able to help people by telling them the truth. They will, however, have to learn how to be more tactful for this information to be used in an appropriate manner.

This very brief overview of people born under the Rooster sign should show you some of their positive and negative traits. Most of them are positive, however, they can be perceived as negative. It just depends on the situation, their profession, and who they are talking to. 2017 is going to be a very good year for people born under this sign because they will use this directness, and their unending self-confidence, to finally help them achieve what they have always wanted.